Why Thinking Matters 

In every enterprise it is people's thinking that generates real wealth from resources.  Of all skills, 'thinking' is the most strategic.  It multiplies value.  When you improve your 'thinking' process you improve everything.  Thinking fuels and enhances all other skills, so that investment in raising thinking performance brings returns in all activities.

‘Thinking’ is asking the questions that will reach the right answers.

Effective Intelligence promotes this toughest skill of all and shows you the kinds of questions that will get you where you want to go.  The art or skill of raising the questions that break open a difficult issue and lead to an exceptional solution relies critically on imagination.  



Imagination in Thinking

J D Rhodes, known as Jerry Rhodes, founded Effective Intelligence especially to develop ways to bring more creativity to management.  It is his own continued research that has attracted so many companies that see the need for more effective innovation, not only for new products but in how they run their organization.  His work has raised the function of finding new ideas, perspectives, insights, connections to equal those of knowledge, reasoning and feeling.  Some of this work still puts client users years ahead.

This is why more than 80 major corporates in USA, Canada and Europe have taken up Effective Intelligence on an organisational scale with in-house licensing.  It is their strategic investment.  This is the most effective way to make a difference organisation-wide.  The four longest running licensed companies total over 90 years, as they continue to recognise the value of raising thinking performance as their priorities change. 


Does it work?  

Surely our clients cannot all be wrong, over so many years?  In practice, it is high performers who most want to raise both standards and performance - to go higher.

Effective Intelligence has also been taken into the prestigious business schools of MIT, Harvard, Cheung Kong, Cambridge UK, and City University London.


What's in Effective Intelligence?


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