Thinking work is challenging work.  Effective Intelligence meets this challenge.  It is the system for learning how to choose the best thing to do (intelligence) and to make sure it gets done (effectiveness).  A mixture of hard and soft skills.  For example, people of high intelligence do not always use their mind effectively, or their solution might not be effective enough to win the approval from those needed to make it work.

How do you know how you are thinking?  And what’s going on in the other person’s mind?

What if you had a clear language for thought to recognize these hidden inner processes?

How does Effective Intelligence do this? 

It enables you to:

•   Profile your habits and balance of thought so you recognize ‘how’ you think with Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile, the gateway to Effective Intelligence.
•   Learn the intrinsic strengths of your patterns of thinking, what you miss out on, and how to balance your thinking better with the Rhodes’ Debrief and the online support service How you Think.  It is highly motivational to discover how you think.
•   Practise and develop your questioning skills with the online, mobile-friendly thought-maps of Thinking Works
•   Adopt the Alphabet of Thinking-Intentions as your language of thought, to grow your effective intelligence and so to raise your performance.


What are Thinking-Intentions? 

Thought-Maps made of Thinking-Intentions bring to you the first principles of thought, which never change and apply everywhere.

Jerry Rhodes, founder of Effective Intelligence, arrived at the concept of Thinking-Intentions which he conceived and developed in a research project with Royal Philips in the 1970s and 1980s.  Action research and field work, starting with Shell International, has continued in depth ever since, involving and learning with many leader companies, mostly in Europe, North America and South East Asia.  The complete set of just 21 Thinking-Intentions has proved to be a new concept in the philosophy of science, describing the fundamental processes of thought as never before recognised. 

Thinking-Intentions are the foundation of the Effective Intelligence ‘Model of Mind’ that demonstrates the need to integrate the top three mental functions: to Imagine what is new, to Describe what is true and to Judge what is right, so as to act upon it.  The whole of Effective Intelligence is built from Thinking-Intentions, including Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile and all the thought-maps and tools for using your mind more effectively.  It is a system for action in the moment and learning for the future. 


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