Stop The Rot

By Bob Garratt 

ISBN 978-1-78353-766-2

Be prepared to be challenged: especially if you have a concern for the future of your children. This book throws down the gauntlet to face our responsibilities for good governance at all levels of society, in all realms of endeavour.

Significant Chapters on:

The value of values
Towards human values-based governance
The directors’ role in stopping the rot
Owners and their responsibilities
Does government know what governance means?

Look up these important figures
Page 23        The five major players in national leadership
Page 43        The five-level hierarchy of personal values
Page 132      The Learning Organisation
Page 135      The Learning Board
Page 291      The proposed Learning System

Following the international success of The Fish Rots from the Head: Developing Effective Directors, this sequel from Bob Garratt explains the public's distrust of the people who govern us - the directors, owners, regulators and politicians - and how this can be changed.

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