The Centre for Effective Intelligence enables businesses anywhere in the world to exploit this knowhow under licence from J D Rhodes, known as Jerry Rhodes, and his Master Trainers. The approach that works best is first to demonstrate the value of Effective Intelligence through a live project targeting on your corporate objectives.  This can be delivered by a Master Trainer or an associate.

When you want to proceed further we enable you to ‘do it yourself’ from our Founder, Jerry Rhodes,  or our Master Trainers, who can license you.

This is unlike many consultancies who want to come in and do it all themselves.  From us, you get not just results but also the knowhow that helps you deliver them.  "You get not just the fish you need but even how to fish"

Your firm gains critical mass early by training large numbers of people in areas of the business chosen as priority for growth.  Being internal, the key staff you select to be qualified and accredited are accessible for continuing people’s development day to day.  Then the cost of spreading Effective Intelligence wherever you most need falls sharply.


Why business buys

The pattern we have noticed is that those firms who embrace Effective Intelligence are already high performers and it is they who most want to raise both standards and performance.  They recognise that, since 'thinking' is at the centre of everything done, it is the most strategic investment to be made, with the highest possible Return on Investment. 

Perhaps the key question is “What’s the risk in not taking up Effective Intelligence?”

•   How many once-leading organisations no longer exist?  They neglected to adjust their thinking to the needs of the future. 
•   What is the cost of delay?  Opportunities are missed by waiting.
•   Will you be left behind?  Intelligent firms in the vanguard keep raising their effective intelligence.
•   External resources ignored?  They often offer opportunities not recognised.


Choosing to License

Licensing your own staff with Effective Intelligence directly into your organisation is usually chosen when:

•   you want a significant number of employees to raise performance within a short timescale
•   you have an in-depth need or a long-term application of Effective Intelligence to be embedded system-wide, requiring continuous diffusion
•   you see the need to leverage your intellectual capital with Effective Intelligence in the most cost-effective way inside your business
•   you aim to focus on in-depth coaching for key leadership personnel over time, to raise their leadership of thought

What is delivered – to get your results

Your objectives would be the first consideration – and they would be tested with you to check Effective Intelligence is what you need.

•   a training programme to equip trainers, coaches or mentors to meet your objectives with extensive support materials online and in to print as required
•   a licence to use the intellectual property (I P) of Effective Intelligence to meet your objectives
•   a comprehensive e-learning website
•   mentoring at agreed intervals


See for Yourself? 

You might wish to see for yourself how well Effective Intelligence could deliver on your objectives.  If so, you could order:

•   to join an initial small group one-day taster workshop at the Centre for Effective Intelligence or if you prefer on your firm’s premises  
•   face-to-face for one or two people crucial to the decision because they have a strong need:  on-site at your premises or at the Centre for Effective Intelligence.  This might follow from your attending a taster day
•   a group of significant people to act as ‘product champions’ again to follow a taster day


Leverage is a kind of value for money

1.  For value for money we offer Licensing with Effective Intelligence so your firm can leverage the knowhow:

•   tailor programmes to meet objectives
•   mix and match to create blended learning
•   adjust the depth and scope for need and time
•   spread knowhow with known costs
•   reduce expense with in-house multipliers


2.  For real added value our advice is:

•   Focus on intelligence – not in the old sense but in making the most of all your mind to assure wise action
•   With a critical mass of staff using the language of thinking, you can raise the effective intelligence of many others
•   Encourage your staff to be aware and confident in their full capabilities – not just the narrow IQ (critical thinking) or EQ (soft skills) descriptions
•   Ensure that you continue to support any programme you run in-house with sustained follow-through: we advise blended learning
•   Engage your significant directors and managers to champion Effective Intelligence
•   Measure before and after if you want to demonstrate productivity improvements and value for money.  This, of course, is not so easy to do.  But can be done.


Picking your key staff

First we check that Effective Intelligence is what you need, then make sure we can deliver on your objectives

A key step is choosing the people who can best assure results for your organisation.  They need intellectual energy and conceptual power, as well as experience of coaching and training.  They will benefit the most and will likely be future leaders, highly promotable.  How many you accredit depends on the objectives of the business:  we recommend more than one.  Their frequent usage of Effective Intelligence makes them more likely to be promoted, so plan for their replacement!  It is our normal practice to develop Licence programmes to meet the client’s objectives for performance improvement, especially for accrediting of facilitators.  Thereafter, we continue to support them through the years the client remains licensed with us.


How it’s done

With blended learning.  Mixing skilful training and coaching with online support and e-learning works well.  The dual pathway of personal interface and web-wise tools encourages people to continue to learn as much and as long as they wish.  No one learns just by doing – everyone needs feedback.  Live interaction with qualified facilitators is always included in Effective Intelligence programmes.


It is a flexible approach.  You choose the depth and extent you require to meet objectives.

To deliver great results, blended learning ensures:

•   Trainers and coaches are trained and qualified with Effective Intelligence to meet specified objectives of the learners
•   Extensive and flexible online and printed training and coaching materials are available to support the attainment of the objectives
•   The interaction creates more change in behaviour and long lasting learning.


Typical blended learning programme

The most sought-after introduction to Effective Intelligence is the Rhodes' Thinking-Intentions Profile, an on-line diagnostic instrument.  Now in seven languages including Chinese.  The Profile usually takes 20 minutes to complete.  You receive your results at three levels of depth.  This gives you the flexibility to address your own thinking in stages of understanding, which can then be matched with the three levels of application in the rest of the Toolkit. 

This introduction focuses on how you usually prefer to think, your natural approach. Other programmes on maps and tools for thinking focus on how you should think, which might be a different matter! The needs of the client determine the specific thought-maps required for the design of those programmes, so not featured here.

•   Discover your Thinking-Intentions Profile, online wherever you might be and receive your individual report
•   Embark on a serial coaching programme of 6 sessions of about an hour.  Each could be either face to face or by telephone or conference call

You will discuss

•   the implications of your own Profile
•   how each of the whole set of Thinking-Intentions works


The live debrief for the Learner

The printed and on-line reports:

•   analyse your preferred thinking approaches
•   show clearly how to use them more effectively on difficult projects and situations
•   give you a ‘language’ to recognise your specific thinking resources and question your thinking
•   motivate you to raise your standards and learn to make the most of your capability


Debrief live training materials for the Trainer

•   Really great graphic powerpoints to match the inner visual structures of thinking with the Effective Intelligence language of thought and action.  Nobody has to endure endless bullet-points - they need powerful images and practical tools designed from experience to aid teaching and learning
•   Visual individual profiles to print at your location for each person, as well as a standard Debrief package
•   An extensive manual of teaching materials for the trainer to select from to meet objectives
•   Access to learners’ profiles online, so as to intensively coach individuals and small groups with their in-depth online reports.


On-line support for the learner 24/7

How you Think

A login-protected service for each individual learner provides:

•   An individual debrief on their thinking preferences to three levels of depth
•   Extensive back-up information on the standard debrief for lasting revision and refreshment at any time
•   Additional TIP-tools for sustained development over time

Thinking Works

The mobile-friendly in your hand on-the-go support – find the crucial patterns of questions you most need in the moment and in preparation for important meetings.


Continuous support for Trainers and Coaches

Teaching thinking is demanding.  There will be questions that arise that could not be covered during the training and licensing qualification.  The Founder, and each Master Trainer, provide continuing support to their licensed trainers and coaches. 


Contact us for:

•   a taster workshop
•   coaching one to one
•   introductory telephone conversation


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