From the moment Effective Intelligence became known through Jerry Rhodes' work in the UK in the early 1980s, self-employed consultants wanted to share in an outstanding break-through in raising performance.  The first independent licensee was accredited in 1985: he is still using Effective Intelligence, mainly with Boards of directors.  Long term, licensing is an investment that will leverage your own intellectual capital and extend the range of assignments you can undertake. 


You choose how far and how deep you want to go with Effective Intelligence.  Accreditation training is tailored to suit your strengths and the kind of work you like to do. Effective Intelligence will grow your capabilities as an independent professional, and enhance what you can deliver, in line with how you are prepared to deepen your knowledge and understanding of it over time.  Qualification and Accreditation is through Jerry Rhodes or the Master Trainers.



We look for the following characteristics:

   Intellectual energy and power

   Articulate and sensitive communication

   A grasp of management work, plus good organising skill

   Street-wise commercial nous

   Courage, imagination and ingenuity

   Willingness for serious study and long-term development

   Financial resources to cover your training

Track record 

We expect a track record as an independent consultant, unless a manager is making the switch from a position of suitable standing.  Sometimes, a licensee from a client wishes to go solo, when naturally he or she must gain their permission to carry over the licence. 

Audience:  “How long does it take to train a falcon to do what you want it to?”
Falconer:  Between two and three weeks
Smart guy:  “So it isn’t very difficult, then”
Falconer:  No, but you would need me to spend 20 years to teach you how to make it so easy.

Improving the speed, depth and quality of thought isn’t easy either – but we have spent years helping people to make it so.


What does becoming a licensee entail?

Thinking itself is such a central activity that helping other people, often senior to you, to set new standards for how they approach work and the whole of life is a profound enterprise.

1.  You will be offered an integrated, generic system for managing your own thinking, whatever you are doing.  We believe strongly in 'eating our own bread' - really practising what we preach.  By finding for yourself its value, you will sooner be able to share it with others effectively.

2.  Your coherent and well-documented package of ‘tools’ will offer almost unlimited uses, so each time you will select those that suit the objectives for your client.  We train you to deliver to their needs – looking beyond what they say they want to the solutions they really need.

3.  Since thinking is so strategic, you will find that long term the depth and spread of Effective Intelligence will take you farther than any man or woman could imagine.  But the training  for accreditation is done in stages, at your own pace, so it enables you to stretch farther, with ever greater subtlety and penetration.

Do you want to enquire further?  Contact us.

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